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Evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair®
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair®

Evacuation chair as well as a carry chair

The Escape-Carry Chair® operates in the same way as the Escape-Chair®, equipped with glidebelts to allow evacuation via the stairs. In addition, this Escape-Carry Chair® is equipped with carrying handles that enable people to be carried up the stairs.

Just like the Escape-Chair®, the Escape-Carry Chair® is equipped with glidebelt cassettes which allow evacuation over the stairs. In addition to this, the Escape-Carry Chair® has a carrying bracket and carrying handles, which makes it also suitable for evacuation upwards, e.g. from a basement. As with the Escape-Chair®, the evacuee can then be transported horizontally to the assembly point by unfolding the stand with castor wheels.

All Escape-Carry Chair® models are equipped with reflecting straps on the headrest. This makes the Escape-Carry Chair® more visible.

evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® ST-PLUS
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® CF
evacuation chair Escape-Carry Chair® XS
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