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Escape-Chair® VOLT

Escape-Chair® VOLT

This evacuation chair is especially designed when electrical support is required for evacuating or rescuing people down or up the stairs.

The Escape-Chair® VOLT is operated by a self-explanatory control panel with display on the operating handle. After unfolding the Escape-Chair® VOLT it is immediately ready for use.
The single operator must push the operating handle down in the direction of the stairs.

Advantages of the Escape-Chair® VOLT:


  • Powered support: going up the stairs is easy for operator. 

  • Ideal for quick evacuation (3 speed descent).

  • Lithium cell enough for up/down 100 floors.

  • Single operator chair.

  • Ready for use within seconds.

  • Easy to use and operate (wireless).

  • Equipped with arm- and footrest.

  • 3 height adjustable operating handle.

  • Flame & heat resistant seat, headrest and dust cover.

  • Battery indicator on display control panel.

  • LED light for dark environment evacuation.

  • CE certified.

Demonstrations and advice 
No two buildings are the same and no two situations are the same. Our expert product specialists will provide advice on evacuation concepts for your organisation. We attach great value to your choice of the right evacuation aids and therefore encourage you to contact us before you order!

Download more information: 
Flyer Escape-Chair® VOLT

Escape-Chair® Volt product specifications
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