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Escape Mobility evacuation sheet

Turn every bed into an evacuation device


What`s an Escape-Sheet®?
People who aren’t able to leave their bed independently need to be evacuated using evacuation equipment. One of these aids is the Escape-Sheet®. A mattress with an Escape-Sheet® underneath can be transformed very quickly into an evacuation mattress.

How does an Escape-Sheet® work?

In case of emergency the strong safety belts are taken from underneath the mattress. The belts are strapped over the patient and bedding so the patient is safely secured to the mattress. The Escape-Sheet® can then be easily pulled to the floor and taken to a place of safety. 

Advantages Escape-Sheet®:

  • Straps and handles highly visible in bright green colour. 

  • Extra-long towing straps to help operators with improved handling practices.

  • Plastic buckle pockets increase the life expectancy of the product (allocated on the side of the sheet).

  • Handgrips to assist with sideways manoeuvrability.

  • Static-Control™ (anti-static polyester).

  • Adjusting corner straps (suitable for each mattress height).

  • Hydro-tech Nano technology (water-repellent)

  • CE marked.

  • TÜV certified upto 250KG payload.

Our advice:
Make sure every bed in your Organization is equipped with an Escape-Sheet®, so you’re always prepared for optimal and rapid evacuation.

Evacuation sheet Escape-Sheet®
Evacuation sheet Escape-Sheet® Custom
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